Parking Management Systems

Automatic Parking Barriers & Parking Savers

Parking and access issues can be a real problem for businesses and even in some residential areas; our stylishly constructed parking and access barriers and our almost indestructible. Parking saver could offer the solution needed to ensure you can always park where and when required.

Access barriers and parking barriers are a great added security feature, making sure that only authorized personnel and visitors can enter your grounds; all of our barriers offer great performance and smooth, fast action and have been tested to ensure that they can cope with appropriate use. As well as being reliable, our parking barriers are also beautifully designed, giving a stylish, professional finish and have been created with their exposure to outside elements in mind.

For a more singular application, our parking saver can be fixed in place, saving your space at all times, with a robust design made to withstand impact. With an inbuilt solar panel and exceptional power storage capabilities, your parking saver will keep on protecting your space for up to 4 months even without exposure to light.


  • 24 Vdc power supply.
  • Article predisposed to work with Sun Power, PV system.
  • System equipped with encoder for safe and precise operations.
  • System with slowing down in opening and closing.
  • Oil bath system.
  • Hydraulic system.


  • Intensive Use
  • Industrial Use


  • TÜV Rheinland certified product, following EMC and LVD Rules and EN ISO 13849-1:2008.

Domopark Electromechanical Parking Savers

  • Automatic parking saver with inbuilt control unit. 
  • Ideal to preserve your own parking space against unauthorized use.
  • The stainless steel structure makes it virtually indestructible.
  • In case a vehicle hits the curved arm, the spring system inside prevents damage and brings the arm back into position.
  • Safe and precise thanks to the encoder control, it is also simple and easy to install. After fixing it to the ground it does not require any setting. The control unit is pre-programmed.
  • Practical, it can be installed anywhere. The in-built photovoltaic panel makes it suitable for use in any condition.

Domopark Telcoma Electromechanical Parking Savers                            Automatic Parking Savers

Snap Electromechanical Barrier

  • Electromechanical barrier 24 Vdc, designed for fast and fluid movements with booms up to 4 m.
  • Latest generation control unit and complete range of accessories.
  • Safe and Precise- Thanks to the encoder and the slowing down in opening and closing.
  • Practical – with the in-built control unit housed on top, the LED lights and various connections available for safety devices and battery back-up.
  • Designed to blend into modern architectures- Snap is made of a sturdy steel structure and stainless steel panels for reliable operations and long lasting appearance
  • SNAP is compatible with SUN POWER.

Boom BarrierBoom Barrier

Parking Management Systems

Entrance Operation – When the Vehicle (Car / Bus etc,) comes on the Loop, the Loop Detector senses the Vehicle & the Entrance System is ready to issue Paper Ticket (or EM card), on pressing the Ticket /Card Dispenser Button, Paper Ticker (or EM Card) comes out. The LED Display & Speaker is active, the Boom Barrier at the Entrance opens, Picture of the Vehicle is taken. When the Vehicle leaves the Loop, the Loop detector sense & close the Boom Barrier.

Exit Operation – When the Vehicle reaches the Loop at the Exit gate, the Loop Detector senses the Vehicle & Exit System the is ready. The system operator sitting with PC System in Management Center reads the Paper Ticket (or EM Card) with scanner or Card Reader, the computer screen displays the type of vehicle, its photo, the amount of Parking Fee & ask the operator to take Vehicle photo & Parking Fee, after this it prints the Parking Fee Bill, the Boom Barrier at the Exit Gate open. When the Vehicle leaves the Loop, Loop Detector senses the Vehicle departure & closes the Boom Barrier.

Application – Malls, Residential Apartments, offices, Hospitals etc where Parking Fee collection is needed.

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