Parksafe 580 – Fully Automatic Multilevel Parking Systems

How good it would be to avoid ramps and drive ways or put your driving skills to test in order to park your car in the smallest available space! Parksafe 580 is all about automated parking system. Parksafe 580 is not just easy, noise-less, pollution-free system, but is reliable in every way. You can leave behind the worries of theft or damage, or vandalism, for that matter. It is either like a tower or a pit, or has both the configurations clubbed together. The transfer area is located either on the base level, top level or at any of the intermediate levels. Towards the left or right from the vertical lift, arrangements for one to up to three rows can be made. Another highlight of this system is – it is environment friendly as it reduces the emission of exhaust gases and has a compact construction.


  • Automated parking systems, up to 50 levels
  • Designed for small footprints areas.
  • Tower and/or pit version of Parksafe is possible with central transfer area.
  • More than one row can be arranged towards the left of the vertical lift, around 2-3 rows.
  • Safe and hassle free for users, as Parksafe does not require ramps or narrow drive ways or stairs.
  • Can be modified according to individual project needs.
  • Turntable integration can be done.
  • Fast accessibility.
  • Cars of varied heights can be parked, like SUVs, Vans, etc.
  • Cars weighing upto 2.5 tons can be loaded. Higher weights can be loaded, but after prior consultation.
  • Easy to operate and has various control systems, for example, remote control or transponder chip, etc.
  • Promotes “Green Parking” idea.


  • Perfect fit for residential parking, office buildings, public car-parking, car rental services, etc.

  • Schematic View

    Parksafe 580 Schematic View

  • Real View Double Unit

    Vehicles Parking

  • Real View Double Unit

    Multilevel Car Park Solution

  • Real View Double Unit

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