Parklift 440 – Two Level Independent Parking Systems

Parklift 440 is designed for a hassle free two level independent parking for larger and higher cars in comparison to city cars. This hydraulic horizontal parking system makes the two level car parking easy and comfortable. Along with that, it comes with corresponding special system solutions.

2 level independent Parking System. The single unit is ideal for 2 cars while the double unit has space for 4 cars..


  • Car heights vary between 150 cm to 205 cm.
  • Car length should be between 500 cm to 620 cm.
  • A minimum of 270 cm and 540 cm of platform width and 2000kg to 3200kg of platform loading.
  • If pit is available, doubled parking system can be installed.
  • Save penny with one driving level and two independent parking slots.
  • Low cost of maintenance.
  • low maintenance cost
  • Best functional and operational safety measures [German TÜV tested | CE-certified].


Parklift 440 can be installed at residential buildings, condominiums, hotels, malls, office buildings and likes of such.

  • Schematic View

    Schematic View Parklift 440

  • Real View Single Unit

    Parklift 440 Car Parking System

  • Real View Double Unit

    Hydraulic Parking Lift