Parklift 411 – Two Level Dependent Parking Systems

Parking Systems have come a long way from having cars parked in a single row! Now you can come across two levels parking systems. In such parking systems if the upper platform can be used only when the lower car is removed, it is termed as dependent parking. Parklift 411 is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation. A minimum height required to set up one system is 3200mm (for 1500 mm car only). At times, indoor installation gets restricted due to the required minimum height.

In Two level dependent stack parking systems, the single unit comes for two cars while for four cars, it is a double unit.


  • It’s a Galvanized product.
  • The lower platform can accommodate cars with heights of 150cm – 200cm.
  • Platform width can stretch up to 2700mm, and loadings can range between 2000Kg – 2600Kg.
  • Depending on space availability, double parking is installed.
  • While the driving level remains one, one parking level is provided, thereby cutting down the cost and utilizing the space.
  • Since it is a Dependent parking, the lower level is reserved for visitors while upper platforms are mostly for permanent users.
  • Ideal system for valet parking, car service centers, car sharing, car rentals, and such services.
  • Comes with tried, tested and proven hydraulic technology, and promises longevity.
  • Maintenance cost is low.
  • Cost for construction is low and is essentially negotiable according to the given concrete floor. Such system is ideal for retrofitting!
  • The safety measures are of high level, whether operational or functional. Parklift 411 is German TÜV tested | CE-certified


  • Starting with residential buildings to commercial ones like car dealers, car rental areas, malls, hospitals valet parking and likes of such, Two level Parklift 411 is a perfect fit.
  • Parklift 411 is also an ideal option for open air installations.

  • Schematic View

    Parklift 411 Schematic View

  • Real View Double Unit

    Parklift 411 - Valet Parking System

  • Real View Single Unit
    Stack Parking System