Parkbox 401- Two Level Dependent Parking Systems

In the most adverse situation, dependent stacked parking comes as a savior. Parkbox 401 provides a parking system that does not require any pit. The two level parking system is dependent in nature. The lower car needs to exit in order to use the upper platform. Once the lower car is removed, with the help of advanced hydraulic technology the upper platform is brought down for the car to slide up. Only once it is elevated to its original height, the lower platform is open for another car. This double layer Parkbox allows doubling the parking spaces. The parking is subjected to headroom availability and has an inclined platform. Hydraulic parking makes Parkbox 401 a very convenient option in small spaces!

Single unit of Parkbox 401 allows for parking space for two cars – one above the other.


  • According to available headroom, heights vary. The normal range is 150 cm to 170 cm.
  • Platform width is of 220 cm and 2000 kg platform loading available.
  • Doubled parking platforms within a small space (Width & height).
  • Cost effective with one driving level and two platforms.
  • Since the lower car needs to be removed, usually the upper platforms are for permanent users and lower ones for visitors.
  • Good option for valet parking, car service centers, car rental services, etc.
  • Advanced and proven hydraulic technology.
  • Can bear the effects of time.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Construction cost is low, and can be fixed as per the concrete floors.
  • Top class safety measures opted- both functional and operational.

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