Multiparker 750 – Fully Automatic Multilevel Parking Systems

The Multiparker 750 system can be availed in buildings that have a cube like structure resembling high racks cut out of concrete. It can be of the tower or pit version. This system is cost effective mostly if installed in underground levels or those with small footprint areas, going up to 30 levels high.

Once the car is driven to one of the transfer areas, the car is picked up with the help of longitudinal pick-up transport system (LAT). By means of a shuttle and vertical lift, the car is taken directly to the concrete parking platform.


  • Automated parking system for more than 40 to 100 cars.
  • Multiple row parking allowed with around 3 rows, one behind the other.
  • Individual project needs may be incorporated.
  • Devoid of narrow ramps or drive ways, stairs, etc, thereby safeguarding the users and cars!
  • Transfer area can be customized according to needs.
  • Fast accessibility due to the absence of handling empty pallets.
  • Expensive illuminations and ventilation are no more required.
  • Cars of different heights can be parked.
  • Designed for cars weighing upto 2.5 tons.
  • User-friendly control options, like transponder chip, etc.
  • “Green parking” is followed thoroughly.


  • Residential or office buildings or public parking will be well-served with this system.

  • Schematic View

  • Real View Double Unit

    Tower Parking System

  • Real View Double Unit

    Car Parking Solutions