Director’s Desk


“Don’t be money oriented, be value oriented”

Mr. Dipak Yaduka is one of those entrepreneurs who has an inbuilt quality in persevering any challenge that is thrown at him. Creating something unique and out of the world is what motivates him. He is a perfect example of patience and perseverance. He believes that in todays world there is a huge need of having proper Car Parking Solutions as everyday the need of new Car by Individual is seen around.  In this growing India, having quality solutions with quality product can only sustain long and that’s why he came out with complete Car Parking Solutions as Product.

Experience is now just an add on quality amongst the various that he already possesses. He is an amicable person who believes that learning is a never ending process and appreciates honesty and transparency at work.

– Mr. Dipak Yaduka (B.COM, CA, CS)

 “We follow perfection to win customer’s satisfaction”  

Mr. Avinash Yaduka believes in creating new things and executing them perfectly which can create value to the society.  Being the youngest Director of the group, success wasn’t served to him on a gold plate but had to be earned the hard way.

Having completed his MCA from Manipal and Global Business Management course from IIM C, he entered the corporate sector where he gained ample amount of experience in handling various projects by working in Multinational Companies like IBM and WIPRO.

Being the scion of the family he decided to take up the responsibility of taking Yaduka Group to a totally new level and he joined the group under the shadow of his father and his elder brothers. Since then he has been looking after the Real Estate, The Life Style Club and end to end Car Parking Solutions.  His dream is to provide quality product and solutions to have better India.

 – Mr.Avinash Yaduka  (MCA , MBA)

Birth of Krishna Park Infracon (P) Ltd. (KPI)

In 2009 he added another division to the Yaduka Group by forming Krishna Park Infracon (P) Ltd. which deals in providing end to end solution in Car Parking segment whether its Car Parking – Hydraulic or Automatic Systems, Boom Barrier, Parking Savers .etc.

The Idea :

Our concept is based on an ingenious formula : ‘X = NX’ where ‘X’ stands for the number of cars that can be initially parked in a specific parking zone and ‘N’ is the number of times you want to park in the same space. For. e.g. if the parking zone provides parking for 10 Cars, we can multiply the same into 20, 30, 40 or as a matter of fact into as much parking as you need.

With his sheer hard work and dedication in a very short period he has being able to create a niche market and has successfully catered to the requirement of providing car parking solutions to both commercial and residential buildings.