Combiparker 556 – Multilevel Independent Parking Systems

Combiparker 556 clubs comb technology with space saving design for parking cars. It provides 3 to 6 parking levels, one above the other and almost 1 to 3 rows in each level, one behind the other. The entire system is independent. One can choose any of the parking slot available. Combiparker 556 gives a column-free parking design that minimizes the need of vertical support to only 2 or 3 parking platforms adjacent to each other. Thus there is more comfort in parking, with much more space and easy accessibility to parking spaces in the second or third rows. Along with this, Combiparker 556 always has one additional parking space available at the highest level.

It also offers options to have varying platform widths and lengths to suit larger vehicles, along with clearances for different parking levels as required by various vehicles.


  • Suited for different dimensions and weight of 2.0 to 2.6 t.
  • 3 to 6 level compact parking with upto 5 grids, one beside the other.
  • Steel structured free standing above the ground.
  • Electronic parts are protected by roofing and facade. Adjustments can be done as required by customers
  • Uses the technology of stacking and putting cars closer to each other, creating more space.
  • Independent parking system.
  • High end secured and safe, both operational and functional (German TÜV / CE certified).
  • Operation is easy with transponder chip control system.

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