Combiparker 555 – Multilevel Independent Parking Systems

Combiparker 555 puts into use the very new comb technology and brings the most compact parking system. It not just creates more space but offers a 8 level-parking system, one above the other and up to 5 grids in a horizontal fashion. Combiparker 555 can accommodate at least 31 parking spaces. This system however does not support a pit version, but only the tower version.

Sliding carrier units are available that help in parking the cars. These carriers are adjustable. The transport lifts takes care of lofting and lowering the vehicles in every grid, which are also the entrances and exits of the parking platforms. This system is not suitable for projects that require central control parking system.


  • Compact 8 level parking.
  • Grids can be 2-5, one beside the other.
  • Cars of various heights can be parked.
  • Supports up to 2600 kg platform loading.
  • Uses the technology of stacking and putting cars closer to each other, creating more space.
  • Independent parking system.
  • Low cost parking system.
  • Highly safe and secured (German TÜV/ CE certified).
  • Transponder chip control option makes operation easy.


  • Suitable for car rental services, car dealers, rehabs etc. However, not suitable for family homes, public or outdoor parking


  • Schematic View


  • Real View Double Unit

    Multilevel Parking System

  • Real View Double Unit

    Multilevel Car Parking Systems