Combilift 551- Two Level Independent Parking Systems

Combilift 551 is an independent two level parking system that requires a full length driving lane in order to gain access to the parking grids. The central level parking platforms are capable of lateral movements only while the upper platforms can move vertically. There is one platform less in the central level in order to facilitate the lateral and vertical movements of the respective platforms. In order to exit from the upper level, the platforms at the central level have to move first to a side making an empty space where the upper platform is lowered vertically.


  • Platform width of about 270 cm maximum, with a platform loading of 2000 kg to 2600 kg.
  • Grids can vary between 2 to 10.
  • Cars are stacked and put closer, saving space thereby.
  • Size options are available depending on the varying car sizes, widths and platform loading.
  • Provides almost three times more parking space than available otherwise.
  • Advanced hydraulic technology is put into use and is of low wear.
  • Operational and functional safety are high-end (German TÜV / CE certified)
  • Parking for both visitors and permanent users can be clubbed together.


  • Residential buildings,
  • condominiums,
  • office buildings etc.

  • Schematic View

    Combilift 551 Schematic View

  • Real View

    Lift Parking