Combilift 542 – Two Level Independent Parking Systems

Combilift 542 is a new age two level independent parking system with a pit. This system is apt when headroom is restricted. Within a height of 2.20 m only, similar to that of a normal garage, Combilift 542 provides 2 level parking system.

Combilift 542 has one platform less at the entrance level. If a user requests for a lower level parking, the upper platforms shift laterally until an empty platform is available on the lower level. Automatically the appropriate platform is raised above for the car to slide in. Each grid is protected with a theft-proof door, making parking more secured.


  • Upto 270 cm platform width for 2000 kg to 2600 kg platform loading
  • 150 cm to 205 cm of car heights, according to requirements.
  • Upper platforms allows SUVs, but with a headroom of maximum 2.20m.
  • 2 to 10 grids can be arranged one beside the other.
  • Uses the technology of stacking and putting cars closer to each other, creating more space.
  • Options available for varying car sizes, heights, widths and platform loading.
  • Comfortable parking and easy control options.
  • Functional and operational safety measures are high-end without doubt (German TÜV/ CE certified).


  • Residential buildings, condominiums, office buildings, hotels, malls, etc.

  • Schematic View

    Combilift 542 Schematic View

  • Real View

    Pit Parking

  • Real View

    Two Level Puzzle Parking Systems