Car Lifts

We have recently introduced solutions for Car Lift across East India.  With the current industry experience and highly professionals teams and knowledge, we are able to provide specific requirements of our clients by supplying them heavy lifting equipment’s and industrial lifting machinery as hydraulic goods lifts and others like high utility Scissors Lifts, Car Lifts, Dumb Waiters, Hydraulic Elevators, etc.


  • Top fitted with cage and railings.
  • Suitable For lifting light loads to higher heights
  • Maximum lift height 40 feet (12 mtrs.)
  • Capacity ranges from 100 kgs to 6000 kgs
  • No AMC Required

Products :

1) Hydraulic Scissor Type Car Elevators.

Hydraulic Scissor Type Car Elevators          Rotary Car Lift


2) Hydraulic Vertical Car Elevators/Hydraulic Goods Lift.

Hydraulic Vertical Car Elevators           Hydraulic Car Lift

3) Dumbwaiters.

Hydrofabs           Hydrofabs1

4) Bike Lift.

Bike Lift 1           Bike Lift